Connecting kids to
their inner knowing,

power and light

At The Spark we’re on a mission to create the systems, spaces and tools for children to thrive at a soul level, supporting parents, educators and changemakers to ignite the light within every child.

Joy + Wisdom + Discovery + Purpose =

Conscious, Connected Kids

We believe children deserve to experience a better childhood, one that’s filled with more joy, where children stay connected to their inner knowing and power, and are able to shine their light.

By helping children and young people to live as their authentic, creative selves, we can create a powerful force of consciousness that will change both people and planet.

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The Spark

/spaːrk/ Noun

Our inner light + energy,
ignited by body, mind + soul in


It’s time to

ignite the Spark

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    Waking children up to their potential and power

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    Giving young people the tools to maintain their inner connection

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    Supporting parents to raise joyful, engaged kids

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    Empowering educators to create schools filled with light

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    Leading a global conversation to create conscious models of childhood and adolescence


Your Spark

The magic
In the middle!



What is The Spark?

The Spark is found where our human-selves and soul-selves meet.

At that intersection of human and soul we experience a ‘spark’ of energy and a sensation of something lighting up inside of us. Our Spark is where our deep knowing, wisdom and power can be found.

Why Children?

Our kids are losing their Spark. Children’s inner light is being extinguished by the fast-paced, me-first world of ego. Our collective ways of living are making our kids anxious, fearful and isolated, while our systems are teaching kids to deny their inner wisdom, hide their inner light and seek meaning in ‘stuff’ rather than in themselves.

Our smallest and youngest humans desperately need to be given the permission and the tools to find a new way of being, that’s why we’ve created The Spark.


Supporting parents, educators and changemakers with knowledge + tools

Sparking a movement to ignite the light in every child

Creating Conscious Childhoods


We’re on a mission to ignite the light in every child and young person. The Spark is a movement and community which serves as a global awakening, calling us to recognise and nurture the pure potential of children and young people, creating the spaces and providing the tools for children to thrive at a soul level.


Our Founder

Hi I’m Nikki.

I created The Spark when I realised I’d lost touch with my own inner light, buried under years of over-work and overwhelm. After witnessing far too many children becoming smaller versions of themselves, shrinking back, disconnecting and becoming disillusioned, I’m on a mission to ignite my Spark to help children to find theirs, changing the way we nurture small humans into being.

What started as a journey of self-discovery is growing into a global movement to create a better childhood for all children and young people. Will you join me?

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Let’s make it happen

How can you ignite the Spark?

Supporting connected, conscious parents
to raise Confident,

creative kids

Parenting is tough. We want our children to be happy, healthy and successful, and yet the world we’ve collectively created is making kids anxious, sick and lonely. We think we’re setting them up for life, but what if we’re setting them up to fail?

We’re here to support you to find new approaches to parenting, raising happier, more contented kids in calmer, more peaceful homes. When children can unleash their Spark and be their authentic selves, everyone wins. Spark-connected parents and kids cultivate deeper, more authentic relationships and create space for more connection, joy, and harmony at home.

Check out our guide to spotting the signs of Spark disconnection in your child and our tips for reigniting their inner light.


Conscious classrooms that spark connection, creativity

and co-creation

Schools are a foundational system of children’s lives and the means through which children learn about themselves and the world. But from an increasingly early age, our school systems are teaching kids to deny their inner knowing, seek knowledge not wisdom, and conform, rather than create their life.

What if schools became high-vibrational, Spark-inducing spaces that nurture children’s greatness?

We’ve created a framework that translates the concepts of The Spark into practical approaches to create joyful classrooms, through the development of a conscious learning environment, authentic relationships and a heart-centred curriculum of self-discovery.

Learn more about unleashing the Spark in your school or setting on our blog, shifting from ego-education to conscious classrooms.

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Creating a revolution from the

[play]ground, up.

Calling all changemakers, activists, social entrepreneurs, policy makers and caring citizens of planet Earth: our children need you.

Every day, children’s Sparks are dimming, darkening, and almost being extinguished under the weight of disharmony and discord caused by the very systems that are supposed to support and nurture them.

The systems of childhood are broken.

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    Cities built for cars, not kids

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    Schools demanding compliance over creativity

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    Tech that isolates instead of connects

Let’s start a conscious revolution to change the systems surrounding childhood.

Register your interest in our unique programme for conscious changemakers who want to change the world for children, coming in 2024. Sign up to our mailing list to be part of the first intake of our brand-new programme for child-focused, passionate agents of change.

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What if giving kids the best start in life means changing our concept of childhood?

Rather than a period to be raced through on the way to the freedoms of adulthood, what if we considered childhood to be a precious, valued stage to grow children’s conscious awareness of their true nature?

Manifesto for a

Conscious Childhood

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Our planet’s collective future rests of the actions of this and the next generation, to fall further into destruction and separation or to embody new ways of being, thinking, living and co-existing.

Together, we can create a global commitment to ensure every child is raised, nurtured, educated and inspired consciously, equipped with the self-knowledge, understanding and ability to shine their light consistently, to positively impact the world.

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Add your vision for a better childhood to our global Manifesto for a Conscious Childhood. This Manifesto will act as a lighthouse for the development of this vital mission, defining a gold-standard of childhood that every child and young person deserves to experience.

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