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Nikki Giant

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Changemaking On Tour in Guatemala

Learning from Changemakers Across the Globe At The Spark Movement ...
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Taking Inspired Action

How to Find Your Purpose and Put Your Spark into ...
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Spark Seeds: A Network for Conscious Educators and Parents

How can we collaborate to create change for children? What ...
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How to be Human in an Artificial World

Can humans upgrade to compete with AI? Another day, another ...
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Why Changing the World is an Inside Job

Your Spark is needed now more than ever. Earlier this ...
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Right Place, Right Time

Is it fate or destiny? This section of the blog ...
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the Attitude of Gratitude

Can being thankful change your life? This section of the ...
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Reignite your child's inner

light and joy

When your child becomes a shadow of their former self, it’s time to take some Spark-inspired action.

Learn how to spot the signs of inner-disconnection and help your child to thrive.