Unleashing Your Creative Power

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Unleashing Your Creative Power

Will You Be a Changemaker for Children?

Calling all activists, changemakers, passionate parents and those who want to co-create a new world that honours and nurtures children. It’s time to unleash your creative power. Creativity is the language of the Spark, and it’s children’s natural mode of expression, too. Roll up those sleeves and let’s dive in. 

Newsflash: you didn’t come to this life just to learn stuff, work hard, spend money, retire at sixty-five and then slowly descend into death (with a few sporadic high-points thrown in). You came to have a unique and powerful experience to be a conscious creator and to know yourself more fully. How’s that working out for you?

Guess what? Being human is not just a learning experience, but a creative experience. We wanted to know the joy of building our lives, block by block, thought by thought. We wanted a physical body as our means of self-expression and creation, to feel our world, taste it, smell it, hear it, and sense it. We wanted to experience a sense of separation from others by being in an individual body, so that we could experience the satisfaction of connection, and the co-creation that happens when we get together. 

We knew our physical body would provide us with a finely tuned vehicle to first create through thought, and then to turn those thoughts to things, through words and actions. Our body was designed to be the perfect partner for our soul, we just forgot about it.  

We’re Not Thinking Robots

The world has gone into thinking-overdrive. We’re all caught up in a thinking-doing-thinking-doing cycle on repeat, and it’s making us – and our children – sick and miserable. Although it may seem hard to believe, our intention wasn’t to use our physical bodies as thinking and doing machines, divorced from our soul, but instead to find that meeting place of body and soul and create from there – utilising all of our spiritual resources with all of our physical tools to experience the outcomes of our creations in tangible ways that fill our senses and expand our beings. Now that is true power. Way-hey!

It’s Time to Find Your Calling

Call it your purpose, your passion, your calling, or your Spark-in-action. When you co-create with your soul, you unleash your unique energy into the world, and as if by magic, good things start happening. There’s no one in the universe that can offer what you can offer, because the perfect blend of human + soul that is you is totally unmatched.

Like-energy is attracted to like-energy, and once you set your Spark into motion, all the good stuff that matches your unique energy signature will attract itself to you. Plus, you feel totally on-purpose and as if you’re flowing with life. In fact, there’s no better feeling in the world.

This Isn’t Just About Manifesting Stuff

Sure, it’s great to see the results of our Spark-infused energy manifesting into money, opportunities, people, resources and new ideas, but that’s just a by-product of unleashing our Spark into the world. This is big, baby. We’re talking about raising our individual and collective vibration – our energetic resonance – so that as a collective we raise the consciousness of the planet. 

Person by person, we’re claiming back our right to ‘be’ not just ‘do’. We’re throwing off the labels and limits that have kept us small, from believing we were unworthy of love and success, to fearing our own power. We’re stepping into the light and finding we are the light. And it’s about time we allowed ourselves to shine. 

Nothing Feels Better Than When We’re Acting in Service of The World, and Service of our Soul

Service can be a dirty word. Most of us have been raised to put others first and ourselves second, and when we give it’s often at the expense of our own wellbeing, until we’re depleted. 

Putting our Spark into action means serving the world and our soul. It’s about giving satisfaction, meaning and joy to ourselves, while uplifting people and planet. Win-win. Because serving others while depleting ourselves isn’t true service at all, it’s bondage, wrapped up in duty, coated in resentment. Totally not resonant with our Spark, nuh-uh.

It’s Time to be a Changemaker for Children. 

Remember, the Spark is both a noun and a verb, i.e., it’s a name for that union of your body and soul and it describes what happens when those two parts of you meet. BAM! There’s a flash of light, a spark of energy, a flowing of universal good-stuff. Now it’s time to direct that force so that you affect the world at large. 

As we reclaim our right to be, we create the conditions, model the behaviours and provide the tools for our children to do the same. But we need to go a step further. We need an army of peace-loving, inner-light-shining, intuitively-guided changemakers to work with and for children to begin to dismantle and rebuild the systems that are holding kids back, and bring forth totally new innovations that can only emerge from your passionate Spark in action.  

We’re calling all changemakers that are committed to making things more joyful for the next generation. We’re bringing the tools and community to support your endeavours, you bring the unique energy, passion and purpose that is your Spark-in-action. Let’s go!

Register now for our unique programme for conscious changemakers who want to change the world for children, coming in 2024. Sign up to our mailing list to be part of the first intake of our brand-new programme for child-focused, passionate agents of change.

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the author

Hi, I'm Nikki

I created The Spark when I realised I’d lost touch with my own inner light, buried under years of over-work and overwhelm. After witnessing far too many children becoming smaller versions of themselves, shrinking back, disconnecting and becoming disillusioned, I’m on a mission to ignite my Spark to help children to find theirs, changing the way we nurture small humans into being.

What started as a journey of self-discovery is growing into a global movement to create a better childhood for all children and young people. Will you join me?

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