What is ‘The Spark’? 

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What is ‘The Spark’? 

Curious to know what on Earth this ‘Spark’ is?

We’re here to walk you through it step by step. It’s time to find your light, so you can support the children in your life to shine.  

Have you ever noticed that ‘spark’ of light in someone’s eyes? Felt a spark of energy pass through you when you met someone special, or noticed that some people are just plain sparky, their infectious energy lighting up a room? 

That spark of light-and-fizzy, joyful energy is within us all, and gets activated when we find and express our authentic self. We weren’t born to play a role, to diminish ourselves, to hide our passions and talents or conform to other people’s expectations, and yet that’s the world we have created and the expectation we’re placing on our kids. 

For too long, we’ve allowed our light to be dimmed, we shut down our inner world, ignored our intuition and denied our deeper knowing. What’s worse, we’ve taught our children to do the same. 

How It Started…

Small children have it all figured out. No, seriously. Babies and young children don’t over-think life, they just embrace it. They’re full of joy and wonder, stopping to smell the roses, quite literally. A pretty leaf can catch a child’s attention for what feels like hours, as they wallow in the present moment while we tap our stress-filled feet and look at our watch. Young children are quick to laugh, and when they have a meltdown they let the emotion pass through them pretty quickly, moving on to the next thing that life has to offer. The truth is, small children don’t think about who they should be or what they should be, they’re able to just ‘be’. 

How It’s Going…

Who you were as a very small child is probably the closest match to your true authentic self – the you that you came here to be – but all too quickly you were taught to behave, to conform, to over-think and analyse, and to modify yourself to fit in. Whereas once your whole life was filled with your beautiful Sparky energy, now you might only experience that flash of insight, that jolt of energy or that blast of inner power on rare occasions. Your light has been largely hidden from the world, and it’s time to change that.

Finding the Spark

We are both human + soul, a spiritual being having a human experience through this crazy thing we call life.

Where our human-selves and soul-selves meet is where the Spark is found. At that intersection of human and soul we experience a ‘spark’, a feeling of something lighting up inside of ourselves. 

For too long, we’ve allowed ourselves to become a human doing, forgetting that we are also spiritual beings with deep knowing, wisdom and power. 

As we begin to consistently reconnect with our Spark we allow ourselves to once again express ourselves as a unique blend of soul and human, and in so doing we embody the powerful, authentic force we were always meant to be. 

Why Kids? 

Just as we were taught to deny our true nature, quieten our authentic voice, question our inner knowing and deny our passions and talents, so too are our children, and it’s happening at an earlier and earlier age. 

Somewhere between the gifting of the first mobile phone and the transition to high school, their light is dimming. That shiny, playful innocence that is unmistakably child-like is becoming more and more adult at a younger and younger age. In the rush to become a grown-up, children are losing the essence of what it means to be a child.

Their Spark – that inner light that is so inherent in children and the infectious energy which shines through children’s eyes and illuminates the world around them – is being dampened and extinguished every single day, right in front of us. 

We worry about the details of children’s lives – the exam pressures, tech overload, body conscious teens, and kids turning to substances to cope – but we fail to connect these symptoms to the root cause of children losing their self-connection, their Spark. 

Breaking the Cycle

The cycle of disconnection has repeated itself over and over, but the state of our world won’t allow for this pattern to continue much longer. We’re reaching breaking point – rising inequality, climate change catastrophe, conflict and war – a new way of being is needed, and that starts with breaking the cycle of old. 

It starts with us. When parents, educators and caring adults recognise what’s missing within and intentionally reconnect with our joy and purpose, we create the conditions to allow our children to do the same.

We’re on a mission to create the systems, spaces and tools for children to thrive at a soul level, supporting parents, educators and changemakers to ignite the light within every child. Will you join us? 

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the author

Hi, I'm Nikki

I created The Spark when I realised I’d lost touch with my own inner light, buried under years of over-work and overwhelm. After witnessing far too many children becoming smaller versions of themselves, shrinking back, disconnecting and becoming disillusioned, I’m on a mission to ignite my Spark to help children to find theirs, changing the way we nurture small humans into being.

What started as a journey of self-discovery is growing into a global movement to create a better childhood for all children and young people. Will you join me?

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